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About Us
About Us

Hi all,

I am the proud owner and founder of Old School i'm very glad with the progress we are making so far the guild seems to b more and more popular everyday which i notice with the amount of whispers i get.
We are a guild full with mature friendly dedicated players that been playing the game for atleast a year or even been here since open and even closed beta.

Our goal is to get around 80 dedicated members.
That can farm end game content together.
We mainly focus playing SC leagues.

For communicating we use Discord App (

What we expect from our members:

- As long as you have the name "Old School" above your head I expect you to be kind and polite to people (in and outside of the Guild).
- We require that you speak basic English as a minimum.
- That u have some Knowledge of the game.
- That you are able to do lvl 75 ish maps.
- Your main character must be at least level 85 as a minimum requirement.
- To be active atleast 3hours each day, if you are away for any such reason, then please contact me or the officers.
- Enjoy yourself and show respect to other members.
- European players are preferable to avoid time differences but you could still always apply if you think that you will be online during European time.
- Guild chat is there for a reason we expect u to use it!

- Asking for price checks in guild is not allowed please visit these sites for more info about ur items

When you use poetrade just fill in the stats on ur current item with the closest numbers for example u have a armour with 98 life then add modd with the specific stat life and enter 90 so it will search for life based armours with these possible stats so you can check what is available for you from there to make what its worth for you.

i hope this explains abit how it works.

Thanks for visiting our Requirements page :)

For more info

Add me in game:
IGN: Xpliciit

One of the Co-Leaders:

IGN: Kinez92
IGN: Cerathi

Or one of the officers:

IGN: Pachacuti
IGN: casper3111
IGN: Traemand

Kind regards